How To Properly Hold A Gaming Mouse?

Are you struggling to figure out the proper way to hold a gaming mouse? Being a hardcore gamer, I have figured out various ways to properly hold a gaming mouse, and here’s the best one:

There are three proper ways to hold a gaming mouse: the fingertip grip, the palm grip, and the claw grip. While the palm grip is better for having a more restive grip and using the mouse for long periods of time, the claw and fingertip prove to be ideal for playing First-Person Shooter (FPS) games with swift motions and greater accuracy.

Gaming has taken the next leap and is becoming more and more advanced requiring accuracy and agility and how you grip your mouse plays a major role in determining that.

In this article, I’ll explain how to properly hold a gaming mouse and how holding a gaming mouse is different than a conventional mouse.

So, read on and learn all about it! 

How To Properly Hold a Gaming Mouse?

The way you hold your gaming mouse affects the quality of your game and sometimes you may not even realize it. In a world where gaming is becoming more competitive, you need to be sneaky and you need to be fast in order to actually win them.

Your mouse grip is a major deciding factor in the outcome of your game.

There are primarily three types of grips:

#1 Fingertip Grip

fingertip grip

Fingertip grip might be a little harder to run but it is very much helpful to play video games requiring precise movements such as Fortnite or Minecraft. In this type of grip, your fingertips are in contact with the entire surface of the mouse and control its mobility. 

This limits the chances of misclicks and allows for swift movements to acquire targets. This grip allows for rapid bursts of action and a harder control that can allow you to partake in a fight and win it easily. 

However, one disadvantage of using this grip is that if you hold the mouse in this grip for longer periods of time, it may put a strain on your hand and cause you discomfort.

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#2 Palm Grip

palm grip

The palm grip is the most basic grip used by gamers and non-gamers alike. In the palm grip, the entire palm is in contact with the surface of the mouse. This type of grip allows your hand to rest for longer periods of time without causing any strain on it. 

It also doesn’t lead to fatigue because you don’t have to apply extra effort or weight while using this grip. One thing that people might struggle with is if they have short hands.

If you have shorter hands, it would be more difficult for you to keep your palm in contact with the surface as well as manage the buttons rapidly.

This can lead to some discomfort but other than that, this is an excellent grip that a lot of people find to be very useful.

#3 Claw Grip

claw grip

In the claw grip, your hand functions in the shape of a claw. Your index finger and middle finger are used for clicking the buttons and your fingers are arched on the surface of the mouse. 

People usually struggle with this grip and it might not be the best option for everyone. However, this grip gives you more flexibility and greater mobility, both of which can lead to enhanced gaming performance.

If you have long fingers, this grip might be particularly helpful for you because you’ll be mainly controlling the mouse with your middle and index finger and the other three fingers would provide your mouse’s mobility with stability.

Moreover, your wrist is also more relaxed in this grip, thus allowing you to use this grip for longer periods of time.

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Claw Grip Vs Fingertip Grip—Which Is The Better One?

In a claw grip, you have your palm on the mouse with your two front fingers curled on the main controls. It allows its users with greater dexterity than the palm grip and involves more wrist controls. In a fingertip grip, only your fingertips are in contact with the mouse and not your palm.

The claw grip is hard to master but once done, it is great for games that require better aiming and mobility. In addition to that, it has been shown to be more flexible than the fingertip grip.

Fingertip grip is perfect for games that require precision and accuracy because it allows rapid and precise movements.

In this grip, you primarily use your fingers and wrist for movement as compared to the palm grip where the arm and forearm are used. 

Both the claw grip and fingertip grips are widely used in the gaming community and the preference of one over the other would just be decided by the requirements of the game. If the game requires rapid clicks and flexibility, then claw grip is the way to go. 

But if it requires rapid, precise, and calculated accurate movements, then the fingertip grip is your ideal grip.

Both have their own advantages, but the best way to determine which grip is ideal is to figure out which one feels the most comfortable to you while gaming. That is the better grip.

How Do You Hold a Mouse When Aiming?

Free Person Playing Counter-Strike Stock Photo

You need to hold the mouse in a palm grip while aiming. The most crucial thing that good aiming requires is the mobility of the mouse, and a palm grip helps you achieve that by allowing you to change your aim and move with agility. 

While using this grip, you need to ensure that you’re not putting extra weight on the mouse and you’re not holding your mouse tightly, because both of these factors can result in misclicks and lead to bad aiming.

Can You Hold a Gaming Mouse as a Normal Mouse?

Holding a gaming mouse is different than holding a normal mouse as it has extra buttons and DPI adjustability. A gaming mouse comes with a properly contoured design which makes the grip stronger and stable.

“It’s just a mouse, hold it any way you want!” does it sound familiar? Yes, that is your non-gamer friend absolutely shocked to know that you’re actually reading up on different mouse grips. 

Don’t worry, they don’t really understand the complexity gaming requires. Let them stay happy in their bubble. Holding a gaming mouse is pretty different than holding a conventional mouse and requires much more focus and strength mainly because, well, you’re fighting for your life (in-game, of course).

Let’s discuss some features that make a gaming mouse different than a conventional mouse.

#1 Grip Feature

The grip plays an important part in your overall gaming experience. If you have a firm grip on your mouse,  it allows you greater mobility and faster reactions, both of which are crucial deciding factors in the outcome of the game. 

There are different ways to grip your mouse as discussed above and all of them are helpful in different circumstances.

The palm grip is generally preferred in FPS gaming while the claw grip and finger trip are used for quick movements and faster tracking.

All of these features make a difference in your gaming experience while in the conventional mouse, it doesn’t really matter how you grip it as long as you’re able to get your work done with it, but people generally use the palm grip.

#2 Altered Mobility — Wired Or Wireless?

The mobility of your mouse needs to be higher if you’re gaming because it requires more intensive focus and steadiness. There are two types of mice that can play a major role in deciding mobility; wired and wireless.

MovementThere is lesser freedom of movementMuch greater freedom of movement
Response SpeedThe response speed of a wired mouse is higher since it is directly connected to your computerThe response speed of a wireless mouse is lower since it is connected through Bluetooth or some other way to your computer
AffordabilityThey have cheaper prices that are pretty much affordable to anyoneTo find a wireless mouse with better response speed, you would have to pay more and this may or may not be affordable to all users
Carrying EaseCarrying a wired mouse anywhere is a hassle, and if you choose to do so, it won’t be an easy taskA wireless mouse can be carried anywhere and thus, you’re not just restricted to your gaming table to enjoy it

#3 Type Of Sensor

Generally, there are two types of sensors available in the mice, namely laser and optical. Optical sensors are used in a conventional mouse. Optical sensors are also used in gaming mice, in fact, some people might deem them better than the other laser sensor mouse.

The reason for this division is that the laser mouse has greater usability because it works on almost any surface including glass, but optical sensor mice have greater reactivity and response speed.

They also prove to be much more potent factors in elevating a gamer’s experience.

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Does a Bad Mouse Grip Affect Gaming?

Free Man Playing Computer Game Stock Photo

Having a bad grip on your mouse can affect your gaming experience because you won’t be able to move it accurately and swiftly and that will lead you to perform badly in the game. Here are some ways having a bad grip can affect your gaming experience:

#1 Discomfort Due To Inappropriate Grip

Whenever you’re gaming, it all comes down to your comfort level with the device you’re playing the game on. Having a bad grip on your mouse would cause you discomfort and you won’t be able to play as well as you normally do. 

Gaming requires quick decisions, accuracy, and speed, and you will not be able to deliver any of these when you have a bad grip on your mouse.

If you’re used to playing for hours, try to grip the mouse as loose as you can to reduce fatigue. Holding a mouse too hard can cause stress on your tendons.

Not performing well despite having the proper skills for gaming can lead you to feel bad about yourself. You should find out if maybe your discomfort with the grip might be the cause of your inefficient performance.

#2 Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

Gaming for long hours consistently can lead to pressure buildup and swelling of the hand that results in the compression of the median nerve in your hand.

Carpel Tunnel Syndrome occurs when you’ve been sitting for 10-12 hours a day in the same position holding your mouse with a bad grip.

Carpal tunnel is caused by the extension of your wrist due to repetitive gripping.

This is a very common problem in e-gamers and having an inappropriate grip on the mouse could definitely lead to that.

It is generally encouraged to take breaks in between while playing and allow your hands to rest for a while.

What Else Do I Need To Perfect Using a Gaming Mouse?

It is agreeable that having a good grip on your gaming mouse definitely plays a part in your gaming experience, but there are other factors that, if taken care of, can heighten your gaming experience to greater levels. 

#1 Mouse Pad

Whenever you’re using a mouse, one problem that is usually encountered is that the mouse eventually moves further and you have to keep your arms stretched for proper gaming. 

This is not a good posture because it can trigger pain in the neck and shoulders. A mouse pad keeps your mouse’s position constant and doesn’t let it go very far off. 

It helps maintain a posture and if the mouse pad is of good quality, it won’t even affect the mobility of the mouse that you require for gaming.

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#2 The Ideal Mouse Size

Whenever considering buying a mouse, you need to make sure that it is appropriate for your hand size.

If your hands are too big or too small as compared to the mouse, you will have difficulty gripping it properly and that would also negatively affect your overall gaming experience.

Having the ideal mouse size would provide you with better-aiming acuity, swiftness, and speedy movements.

#3 Customized Mouse Controls

You need to customize the controls of your mouse. Factors like the speed of the cursor and the time gap between the clicks can play a major role in deciding the outcome of your favorite games.

Customization can be done by accessing system preferences on your device. The better these controls are customized according to your gaming style, the better chances you have of succeeding at that game.

How Do Valorant Pros Hold Their Mouse?

Valorant pros generally prefer a fingertip grip because it is very flexible, allows for swift movements, and prevents misclicks in the game.

Valorant is one video game that has grown to be very popular in the gaming community. This game is very competitive but nonetheless, people enjoy it the most. 

How Does Shroud Hold His Gaming Mouse?

Shroud prefers to use the claw grip while playing because it feels natural for him and imparts his mouse with greater mobility.

Shroud is one of the most famous players in the gaming community. He has played almost all the FPS games, and became a legend in pretty much all of them!

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The Final Verdict

The way you hold your gaming mouse can affect your gaming experience to a great extent. To excel at gaming, you first need to figure out the best gaming grip for you.

Your gaming requires precision, quick decision, accuracy, and flexibility all of which are determined by the grip of your mouse. 

While having a good grip plays a role in your gaming experience, other factors such as the mouse size, the mouse pad, and controls can make or break the deal.

For a better gaming experience, choose the right accessories for you and figure out the best way to use them and you will find yourself to be excelling at gaming in no time!

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