IKEA ALEFJÄLL Desk Chair (Review & Build Instructions)

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I recently switched from a so-called ergonomic gaming chair to the IKEA ALEFJÄLL Desk Chair, which has been getting a lot of hype online. And I’m pretty happy with my decision.

Let’s talk about some key features I experienced in ALEFJÄLL Desk Chair :

  • Comfortable and Supportive: I found this chair much more comfortable than my previous chair because of its firm cushions I can sit on.
  • High-Quality Design: I was already fond of its elegant style before the purchase. When I bought it, its high-quality design matched perfectly with my desk.
  • Adjustable Features: The chair is adjustable in height, tilting, and the back can be adjusted. It also sits where you want to sit and doesn’t roll around all over the place like roller skates.

It’s a common misconception that a chair with a stylish appearance may compromise comfort and functionality.

However, the IKEA ALEFJÄLL Desk Chair proved me wrong.

In this blog post, I’ll share my honest review of the chair, including my experience building it and using it for several weeks.

Here’s my video review about the ALEFJÄLL Desk Chair chair:

It is a well-designed chair that is not only visually appealing but also provides the necessary support and comfort for prolonged sitting.

Don’t let its good looks deceive you; this chair is a great example of a product that marries form and function to provide the best possible user experience.

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Product Specification — IKEA ALEFJÄLL Desk Chair

Weight Capacity110 kg
Assembly Time~20 minutes
Width64 cm
Depth64 cm
Max. height95 cm
Seat width51 cm
Seat depth42 cm
Min. seat height45 cm
Max. seat height56 cm
CoverGrain leather from cattle
Zipper100% Polyester

The chair comes with a 10-year guarantee and the fact that the chair has received numerous positive reviews from other users is a strong indication that it is a reliable option.

My First Thoughts on IKEA ALEFJÄLL Desk Chair

Upon my initial viewing of the chair online, I was captivated by its modern and streamlined appearance, emanating an air of refinement and professionalism.

Despite my reservations regarding its level of comfort, based on previous encounters where a chair’s style did not translate to comfort, I was pleasantly surprised upon settling into it.

The cushions offered reliable and sturdy support to my body, providing a perfect balance of comfort and stability.

Furthermore, I appreciate the chair’s lower stature as it allows for my legs to form a 90-degree angle, providing a more comfortable seating experience for individuals with shorter legs, unlike chairs that leave one’s feet hanging.

One of the Most Expensive IKEA Chair

I have tested numerous seating options at IKEA, but this particular one surpasses them all.

It stands out with its unique features, including adaptable lumbar support and armrests, that cater to the needs and preferences of each user, a rarity among IKEA chairs.

It is also among the pricier options, but I believe the value is worth it as it offers exceptional comfort, durability, and aesthetics that justify the expense beyond the brand name.

My Experience with Warm Weather Comfort

While I am thoroughly impressed with the ALEFJÄLL Desk Chair, temperature control is the one concern I have.

As we approach the summer months, I worry that the chair’s breathable mesh material may not be enough to keep me cool during prolonged sitting.

Even in the winter, I can feel that the chair can get a bit warm after sitting in it for a full workday. So what I do is that I get up and move around for a few minutes until the chair is cool again.

While this is a minor concern, it’s something to consider for those who live in hotter climates or work in offices without air conditioning.

Thoughtful Design and Customizable Features

From the rubber-coated wheels that protect the floor to the chair’s sturdy construction that allows it to stay in place and not roll around like a roller skate, it’s clear that the designers paid attention to the chair’s functionality and user experience.

For example, the adjustable lumbar support provides me with much-needed lower back support, which allows me to sit and work for hours on end without experiencing discomfort.

The wheels have this ‘rubber coating’ that’s perfect for the wooden floor.

My previous chair was used to roll around all over the place but this is not the case with the ALEFJÄLL Desk Chair.

How to Assemble IKEA ALEFJÄLL Desk Chair?

Here’s a complete video on the walk-through process to assemble your IKEA ALEFJÄLL desk chair.

Step-by-Step Build Process

Building the Base of the Chair

  1. Unpack the chair base.
  2. Assemble the legs and the base with the help of short screws (You will need an L-key to tighten the screws)
  3. Make sure all the screws are fully tightened.

Attaching the Wheels or Casters

  1. Start by flipping the chair base upside down, so the bottom is facing up.
  2. Insert the wheels into the holes provided.
  3. The wheels should click into place, and you should feel a slight resistance as they lock in.
  4. Give the chair a few test rolls to ensure that the wheels or casters are attached correctly and are rolling smoothly.

Putting in the Gas Spring

  1. Put the bottom casing of the base.
  2. Remove and throw the black cap off the cylinder.
  3. Take the gas cylinder and insert it into the center hole of the base.
  4. Make sure the cylinder is securely in place before proceeding.

Mounting the Height Adjustment

  1. Begin by placing the adjustment lever into the slot on the underside of the seat.
  2. Align the mechanism with the four screw holes on the underside of the seat and insert the round-headed screws into each of the holes.
  3. Make sure all the screws are fully tightened.

Attaching Arm Rests to Frame

  1. Line up the armrests with the pre-drilled holes on the side of the chair’s frame.
  2. Insert the screws into the holes and tighten them using the hex key provided.
  3. Gently push and pull on the armrests to make sure that they do not wiggle or shift.

Mounting Back Pillow and Seat to Frame

  1. Attach the back pillow to the chair frame.
  2. Secure the back pillow in place by inserting the included screw into the hole.

Mounting Chair to the Legs and Wheels

  1. Begin by turning the chair upside down on a soft surface to prevent any scratches or damage to the chair’s finish.
  2. Take the legs and wheels and align them with the four holes at the chair’s bottom.
  3. Give the chair a gentle shake to test its stability, and if it wobbles or feels unstable, go back and check the screws to ensure they’re tightened correctly.
  4. Give the chair a test roll to ensure that the wheels are securely attached and working correctly.


To sum up, the IKEA ALEFJÄLL Desk Chair is an exceptional product available at a reasonable price, providing excellent sitting comfort due to its well-thought-out design and adaptable features.

By adapting the lumbar support, armrests, seat height, tilting, and back support, users can personalize their seating experience according to their individual comfort and posture needs.

The chair is relatively easy to assemble, with comprehensible guidelines provided. Its robust and superior quality construction ensures that it will remain durable for years, which makes it a valuable investment for anyone seeking a dependable and comfortable office chair.

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