Why I Regret Buying Logitech G735 (Review)

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So for today, I’m talking about the Logitech G735, and mainly why I regret purchasing them and why I’m trying to return them to the store.

The thing is, I knew from the beginning that this headset wasn’t maybe for me in terms of style, but I’ve heard a lot of good things about audio quality and the microphone quality, so I needed to try them out.

I Tested all logitech wireless headsets: Best Logitech Wireless Headset

Also, I heard online that the comfort was supposed to be really, really good, which is one of the things that really killed it for me because I do not agree that the comfort was supposed to be good or at least I don’t think, in my case, that the comfort was any good.

The Best Things about Logitech G735

Let’s just start with the best things first with this headset.

#1 Sound Quality

I agree that the sound quality is tremendous.

It’s really, really great for this headset.

The microphone quality is also one of the best in all of the Logitech headsets I have tried.

It comes with the full suite of possibilities inside of Logitech G-Hub.

G-Hub is the software you can download from Logitech where you can control the volume, and you can control it via an equalizer.

#2 Blue Vo!ce

It has Blue Voice enabled, which is one of the main selling points.

If you really want great audio while gaming, this is a raw audio test done with the Logitech G735. I have not changed anything other than adjusted the volume to be as loud as the rest of the track.

In my video – you can here audio tests.

This headset is really good both for the audio in your ears but also for the microphone quality for all your teammates.

That’s out of the way.

The Bad Things about Logitech G735

The headset is quality-wise really, really good in audio, both microphone and the sound quality.

But the things that really take away from this experience for me is that I do not like the comfort or the supposed comfort of the headset.

Yeah, the cushions are soft, very soft, but are also made of fabric that will make my ears sweat in a matter of seconds.

And talking about the fabric on these cushions, it’s some kind of cheap material.

It feels cheap to wear, and it’s that kind of fabric you have on couches that squeaks when you sit in them. It also squeaks on my ears.

The soft cushion on the headband is just not cushioned enough and able to be soft on my head.

I really, really dislike the wearing for longer periods of time, and I had to while testing them for some time.

I had to go back from time to time to use my Logitech G535 just to get through the workday. The cushions on the G535 are much more breathable; they are nicer to wear.

But the G735 is made of some sort of fabric that I really don’t like to wear on my ears.

These headsets are marketed towards you if you like the design, but beware, these materials make this seem cheap in real life, not like a headset at that price range.

And that’s also the thing that kills it for me. I do not think that the G735 can live up to its price, especially when it has little brothers like these two, the G535 and the G435, that are that’s often sold for less than half the price and I think both of these headsets are better.

But of course the Logitech G735 does have things that, the cheaper headsets doesn’t have G735 do have a bit better audio and they, do have much better battery life than the G435, but compared to the G535 it’s the same

So a conclusion is, that if you wanted Logitech G735 it is because you like the design and you need the blue voice enabled.

As for audio, I actually turned off the surround sound the DTS-surround sound of the G735 because I thought it everything sounded weird. While gaming DTS worked kind of good but when listening to podcasts, and while watching videos and listening to YouTube, – I like the normal profile much better – it’s what I’m used to with two speakers.

You must know about, that the surround is digital made – it’s not because it have seven speakers around your ears, inside of the headsets, it’s just made digitally.

When you’re sitting in proper surround with speakers all the way around you it’s a completely different experience.

If you want to learn more then watch this video where I compare it to all the other logistic gaming headsets

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