Dyson V8 Absolute Vacuum Cleaner Review (After 2 Years Use)

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Hello everyone, it’s another day with another review. So today, I will be reviewing the Dyson V8 Absolute Cordless Bagless Vacuum Cleaner.

I have been using this baby for two years now, so I thought why not just review it for all my lovely readers. Don’t you all just love a review for one of your favorite household cleaning gadgets? I bet you do. 

One of the most important reasons for reviewing a product is to let you all know my views on a particular thing and if it is worth buying or not.

Before delving into the details, let me tell you, this is the best thing that I and my girlfriend have purchased in years, and we’re so happy with it.

Before buying this baby, we had a corded vacuum cleaner, but this one just made our life so much easier than before. You know what, I feel the coolest thing about the Dyson V8 cordless vacuum cleaner is that it is super easy to use.

I can just literally pick it up, clean the areas that I need to without the tension of plugging it anywhere. It is super easy to carry around as well. 

The best thing about the Dyson V8 Absolute cordless vacuum is that it offers a decent blend of cleaning power and battery life at a relatively low price. It offers 40 minutes of battery time that helps me clean up the whole house pretty easily.

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Product Specifications

Weight5.63 lb
Cleaner HeadDirect-drive cleaner head
Charge Time5 hours
Run TimeUp to 40 minutes
Cyclone Technology2-tier radial cyclone
FiltrationWashable lifetime filter
Bin Volume0.14 gallon
Suction Power (MAX mode)115 AW
Height9.8 inches
Length49 inches
Width8.8 inches

Key Features

The Dyson V8 Absolute comes in two colors: iron and yellow. It is the same product, the only difference is the color of the shaft. The Dyson V8 performs equally well in both the colors and sucks up the dirt like nothing else, I tell you.

Moreover, it works on both hard floors and carpets, so I don’t have to switch to a different product for different flooring. 

When the Dyson V8 is on a carpet, it uses its “direct-drive” cleaner to dig into the carpet and remove any excess dirt, hair, or other debris. I often attach a soft woven nylon carbon fiber head to the unit to help pick up debris on hard flooring.

The Dyson V8 comes with different attachments, so I plug them in and out to use for different purposes. 


The Dyson V8 is super easy to handle. Its small size and rotating head make it simple to move around obstacles and in confined spaces. It includes tools and brushes for cleaning furniture, stairs, and other tight spaces, however, there is no onboard storage, which is bothersome.

I also sometimes need to squat down to clean behind low furniture such as couches and coffee tables. The vacuum also has a tendency to get trapped on rug tassels, but it can easily push power cables out of the way.

Tools And Brushes

The Dyson V8 comes with a variety of tools and brushes to assist with various cleaning tasks. A combined tool with a retractable soft-bristle brush and a large nozzle for picking up heavy material is also available.

Unlike the Shark Rocket Pet Pro, this model has a unique 180-degree extension tool for cleaning hard-to-reach areas. When operating the vacuum in its handheld mode, you can clip all of the tools to the wand or the vacuum body itself.

Cleaning Power And Battery Life

The Dyson V8 has an integrated battery. Dyson claims that in “Powerful” mode, it can last up to 40 minutes, however, if I utilize the motorized cleaner head, it lasts for 25 minutes only.

This feature puts the Dyson V8 in the middle of the pack once more: The Dyson V10 has a 60-minute battery life, while the V7 has 30-minute battery life.

Multipurpose Use

I can use the Dyson V8 Absolute Vacuum cleaner in a variety of ways, just like the other Cyclone vacuums in Dyson’s line.

I can even use the shaft to clean the floor or reach high up on walls or into corners to remove debris after it is installed. The handle on the V8 can easily be removed and used as a handheld vacuum.

Honestly, I consider it two vacuum cleaners in one…

The Dyson V8 also comes with an extra soft roller cleaner head to assist you to deal with larger particles.

If you’re worried about allergens, the V8 comes with a HEPA filtration system to assist you to get rid of them. Isn’t that the absolute coolest thing ever!?

Pricing And Availability

I’m going to break it out to you, the Dyson V8 Absolute is not cheap at all. It comes with a price tag of $349 ($499 MSRP).

However, given that it includes many of the same capabilities as the significantly more expensive V10 ($527 online, $699 MSRP), it represents a decent deal for anyone looking for a cordless vacuum without breaking the bank.

I believe this is a one-time investment and one that a person should definitely invest in. It helps solve so many problems. It is hassle-free and saves me so much time. I’d say, go for the usability, not the price.

However, before you choose the V8 over the V10, keep in mind that you won’t get as many head attachments or suction power as the higher-end model.

Battery life may also be an issue if you have a huge home. I’m putting this out there for you all, you must know that I’m a huge fan of Dyson V8.

Design And Ease Of Use

Following the tradition of its parent company, the Dyson V8 is also aesthetically pleasing.

It has a similar appearance to the earlier V6 (the newer model has a larger main unit) and is nearly identical to the current V7 variants, with slight color changes.

A transparent 0.54L dustbin makes up the majority of the handheld unit, and 15 miniature cyclone cones are stacked in a two-tier floral pattern in front of it, just like the V7.

Even for persons with little hands, the grip is wide and comfy, and the power button – which mimics a trigger – is strategically placed right where your forefinger comes.

Protip: If you want to keep the vacuum running consistently, you’ll need to maintain your finger on the power trigger for the duration of your clean, much like most other handsticks.

Some people may find this uncomfortable (for example, those with hand or wrist ailments), but it should not be a problem for the vast majority of users. Other than this minor glitch, the Dyson V8 is fairly easy to use. 

HEPA Filter

Above the machine, there’s a HEPA filter with air vents on the sides, enclosed in blue/purple plastic. The toggle switch for changing suction power is located below the filter and air vents — the V8 only has standard and max settings.

When the dustbin has to be emptied, you’ll need to pull a huge red tab on the portable unit with a bin icon. Pulling on the tab causes the cyclone component of the main unit to rise, while simultaneously causing the base flap to open.

This was the design improvement that Dyson introduced with the V8. Surprisingly, dust, debris, and hair fall out, leaving only a thin layer of tiny particles on the bin’s interior. 

V8 Accessories

As I mentioned at the beginning of my blog, the V8 comes with a slew of extras, including a telescopic tube that’s ideal for everyday use. Every tool is simply clipped on and off the main portable unit, even with one hand.

The regular direct-drive head works well on most surfaces, but the V8 Absolute comes with a Soft Roller cleaning head, which is the ideal solution for hard floors.

The Soft Roller is designed to glide directly over floors, using soft fibers and carbon bristles on a revolving bar. This means that if you have heavier trash (like kitchen spills) to clean up, it won’t be strewn all over the place.

You also get a low-reach adaptor, which you can attach to the end of the telescopic tube to get under couches and low tables, depending on the V8 model you choose.

The Bin Bag

Given the size of the vacuum cleaner, the V8’s bin is little, but it is large enough to clean the entire house. However, It may be necessary to empty it before finishing a very messy job.

To do so, place it over a bin, then pull the red lever at the top to raise the cyclones and open the bottom door to dump the dust. You then push the cyclones down again, scraping the dust off of them, before closing the door. It’s straightforward and as easy as emptying a portable cleaner can be.


With each new entry of Dyson handsticks, the suction power has improved, but the V8 was the starting point of it all.

Even though it has an old motor, the Dyson V8 has the same suction power as a budget corded vacuum cleaner, especially when used at maximum power. It can even give some newer models tough competition when compared to their cordless counterparts.

The powered direct-drive head performs so well on carpets.

It works great on hard floors as well, but nothing beats the Soft Roller tool when it comes to wood and tile.

On hard floors, you can also use the micro motorized tool, but it has a small footprint and you’ll have to travel over the floor multiple times to finish a space. This depletes the V8’s short battery life. 


Unlike its previous sister,  the V7, which only has 30 minutes of ‘fade-free’ power time, this one has up to 40 minutes of duration.

When using motorized cleaning instruments (such as direct drive and soft roller heads), the V8 dramatically surprised me.

I mean, with this beauty, I get the full 40 minutes of fade-free power regardless of the cleaning instrument I use.

The motor simply turns off when the battery has drained, with no reduction in suction in the meantime.

You know, this thought usually comes to you that when the battery is running low, the machine will stop performing at its best, but the Dyson V8 does not disappoint. It keeps performing well, till the time it dies out.

Although, on the highest setting, the V8 falls short of the V7, providing only seven minutes of fade-free power. As a result, the maximum setting is only suitable for spot deep cleaning, whereas the regular setting on the V8 is more than adequate for carpets with a layer of hair or fur.

I personally use the standard power only and not the max one. 

For a typical one-bedroom apartment, 40 minutes of battery life is usually plenty, but if you live in a larger place, you’ll need to charge the V8, which can take up to five hours to fully recharge.

What Does It All Have?

  1. Dyson V8 Animal vacuum
  2. Dirt compartment
  3. Lint/dust screen
  4. Cyclone
  5. Motorized vacuum head
  6. Wand
  7. Pre-motor filter
  8. Post-motor (HEPA) filter
  9. Vacuum User Guide
  10. Various tools and brushes
  11. Brushroll
  12. Soft dusting brush
  13. Upholstery and hard bristle brush tool
  14. Turbo brush
  15. Crevice tool
  16. Tool holder
  17. 180-degree pivot extender tool
  18. Docking station
  19. Installation manual
  20. Screws
  21. Charger


  • It is CORDLESS – one of the biggest perks ever!
  • Great ease of use.
  • It doesn’t hamper your workflow as you don’t have to unplug it or anything.
  • Compact.
  • It is easy to install.


  • Bins are small and fill up quickly.
  • It puts all the pressure in the palm of the hand.
  • Isn’t as powerful as many of its counterparts.
  • It needs to be charged and that takes a lot of time.
  • Batteries deplete over time.


The Dyson V8 Absolute Vacuum Cleaner is the most adaptable, user-friendly, and practical vacuum cleaner I’ve ever used.

Previous versions couldn’t always clean the entire house on a single charge; the V8 will be able to clean a mansion in one go, which is a significant improvement. Yeah, I know that’s a tad bit exaggerated, but this baby is a cleaning powerhouse, I kid you not. 

The Dyson V8 hits the best balance so far between power, battery life, weight, and usability. It can easily replace a corded model for even the most difficult duties, and it comes with a built-in hand vacuum.

The only true issue with the V8 is the price, which is extremely costly. However, let me assure you, this is a one-time investment that you won’t regret making.

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