Hamax Outback 2 in 1 Bike Trailer Review – (1 Year Use)

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Hello, welcome to my review of the Hamax Outback 2 in 1 bike trailer. 


Kids riding on the Outback feel comfortable on city streets and wilderness trails because of its spacious, robust frame, solid construction, and adjustable suspension.

Passengers are able to relax and enjoy the view while riding, thanks to the extra-wide internal room, comfortable, washable seat cushions, and adjustable seatback. While the Outback is fantastic for passengers, the rider on a motorcycle may have a different viewpoint.

This trailer is outrageously heavy, so parents should consider their desire for a vigorous workout before purchasing the item.

If your child’s safety is your top priority, it can help.

Hamax Outback One Seat Reclining Multi-Sport Child Bike Trailer + Stroller (Jogger Wheel Sold Separately) (Grey/Black)
  • The ultimate multi-sport bike trailer + stroller designed for every family adventure. Bike and stroller kits included. Expand...
  • All-terrain suspension is easily adjustable for a smooth ride no matter where you roam – no tools required. Aerodynamic...
  • Premium reclining seats offer 3 recline positions, contoured padding, and adjustable headrests. Fabrics are removeable for...

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Product Specification                                  

Ideal UseStrolling & Biking
ItemsTrailer, Bike Tow Bar
Carrying Capacity88 lb. (40 kg)
Item Weight44 lb. (20 kg) 
Seating2-seat, contoured padding with adjustable headrest 
HandlebarSteeples Adjustment 
SuspensionAll-terrain – adjustable
Recline3-Position easy-adjust 
WheelsSchwalbe puncture-resistant, 20″

The Interior

In addition, the trailer has just been upgraded with reclining chairs. This is a fantastic feature that makes napping in the trailer much more pleasant for children.

Moreover, the trailer has just been upgraded with reclining chairs. This is a fantastic feature that makes napping in the trailer much more pleasant for children.

If you’re searching for a low-cost, well-thought bike trailer that will fulfill a range of your everyday demands, the Hamax Outback should be a top contender.

It’s one of the roomiest trailers on the market, with single and double versions available as well.


This trailer is equipped with a mesh insect shield, a plastic rain barrier, and a fabric sunshade. It allows you to keep your passengers safe in all weather conditions.

I found the Outback to be well-ventilated for rides on hot days, thanks to the mesh front and extra mesh vents below the seats. I feel the sunshade is functional, but the design is clumsy. Depending on Velcro, closures are difficult to align and aren’t really secure.

It’s also only length-adjustable, not position-adjustable. I believe the Outback does well here because it also includes UV-protected top and side windows.

Talking about safety, I have written a review about Puky Balance Bike for kids — Do check out!

Cargo Space

Aside from the wide passenger space, the Hamax Outback boasts a wide cargo room that can accommodate multiple things. It can be reached from behind by rolling up the top cover and unzipping the bottom cover.

As a result, the entrance is rather big, allowing me to store heavy objects with ease. A see-through plastic sheet is included on the top cover, which allows me to see into the cabin at all times. I’m able to speak with my children and see what they’re up to at all times this way.

If your children are naughty, this can be useful, hehe.


The Outback has a single swivel stroller wheel and is simple to push and maneuver on grass, mud, and sidewalks. I found no difference in performance between a three-wheel and a four-wheel stroller during the testing.

However, I did not test the Outback’s stroller on uneven or bumpy surfaces (such as cobblestone or brick streets), where four-wheel strollers shine.

The Hamax, unlike Burley or Thule, does not provide a 4-wheel stroller. The jogger system on the Outback is a modification that includes a 16-inch air tire and a handbrake.

One of the most convenient features of the Outback system over the Burley or Thule systems is that the jogging wheel is inserted just once. The jogging wheel’s brake wires are attached to the trailer frame with Velcro straps.

The jogging stroller behaves admirably in usage. The jogging brake is useful and welcomed, although it isn’t as effective as I expected it to be.

It only delayed the trailer, not stopped it. The fundamental problem is not with the brake or trailer, but with the outcome of using the front brake instead of the back brake.

The brake is linked to the wheel, but if you’re ready to get your hands filthy, you can remove it.

Interior Space

The Outback is considerably larger than the typical trailer. The Outback is taller, deeper, and longer, with enough capacity for kids and goods without seeming cumbersome.

I walked, ran, and biked with the Outback over the course of a few months of testing, and the only time it seemed larger than an average-sized trailer was when I was lugging it in and out of the car.

Another item to keep in mind is that the Outback is about 3 inches wider than the Burley D’Lite X, so it won’t pass through most front doors without the wheel cover popping off. This will be a problem if you need to keep your Outback open and carry it in and out of the house regularly.

Strapping System

Although the buckling method is non-pinching, it might be difficult to use with a wiggling youngster. The buckle is divided into two sections, one for each shoulder strap. The two parts of the buckle must be pulled together and then put into the base to snap it into its place.

With a less-than-patient youngster, keeping the two parts together can be difficult, but not considerably more so than with typical buckling systems.

You can adjust the height of the shoulder straps so that they can be placed at the kid’s shoulder to keep a youngster properly fastened in a trailer or stroller.

The straps are lifted or lowered by sliding them up or down beneath the cushioning, along the back of the seat. Since the waist belt and shoulder straps are linked through the back padding, increasing the shoulder straps raises the back cushioning, which raises the waist belt as well.

When a kid grows bigger and the shoulder straps are considerably lifted, the waist belt must be removed so that it does not thread through the padding. The back padding will slide up when the shoulder straps are tightened.


The Hamax Outback tires contribute significantly to the ride’s comfort. Their adjustable suspension is another high-end option worth investing in. Suspension dampens the greater bumps, whether you’re driving over potholes, cobblestone roadways, or just going over a curb.

Adjustable suspension (as opposed to fixed suspension) allows you to modify the springs dependent on the weight of the children in the trailer or the terrain’s aggressiveness. The suspension of the Outback is modified by turning the grey tube.

Conversion Kit

Converting the Outback to a stroller or jogger is simple, fast, and requires no tools. The trailer mount is the same for all three conversion kits.

Pushing two buttons and sliding up a lever is all it takes to change conversion kits. The green window on the trailer mount indicates that the conversion kit is locked in and ready to go. The red window indicates that the kits have not been placed properly.


It’s really enjoyable to fold the Outback since it’s so simple. To fold, remove the wheels first. Then simply release the handlebar, depress a series of little grey buttons on the trailer’s top, and pull up on a set of nylon loops.

The trailer is folded when the handlebar collapses into the trailer. It’s even easy to unfold the trailer: simply pull up on the handlebar until it snaps back into place!

When folded, the Outback is several inches longer than similar trailers. If you plan to carry the Outback in your car, double-check the specifications to ensure that it will fit!

The folded measurements of the Outback are 108cm x 81cm x 30cm.

Trailer Bottom

The trailer’s bottom is nylon fabric, but the inside is coated with a thick, rubberized mat. The mat boasts the trailer’s longevity, protects the kids’ feet from drooping, and makes spill clean-up much easier. The rubberized flooring continues into the trailer’s trunk compartment.

Front and Rear Reflectors

The front and rear reflectors are one of the most important safety elements of the Hamax Outback.

These greatly increase the vision, especially if I’m riding at night or in foggy or gloomy conditions. I propose adding some front and rear lights or blinkers to be even more visible at all times.

The sidewalls of the Big Apple tires include luminous stripes that glow brightly and make the trailer easier to notice while approaching from the sides.


The Outback’s suspension may be adjusted for passenger safety and comfort. Even on tough routes, my passenger tester passed out in this trailer because the ride was so smooth.

The trailer’s weight seems to aid in this regard as well since it wasn’t as jumpy or responsive as lighter ones.

The Outback’s flat, rubber-lined footwall is one of the nicest passenger features, allowing youngsters to simply get in and out of the trailer without toppling the entire thing over.

Passengers in the Outback have a lot to look forward to. It has comfortable seats, large windows, and enough space for all the toys, food, and fascinating rocks the kids “need.”

This trailer’s seats and straps are all well-padded, and the cushions can be removed and washed to keep them from becoming filthy over time.

The seat-back may be modified as a unit to a certain extent using straps available via the trailer’s rear, which is a benefit but it’s not nearly as good as the individually adjustable seats.

The Outback’s interior is one of the roomiest in my test group. It allows passengers to relax without feeling cramped.

External cover

A regular mesh door and a plastic rain cover are included with the Outback. Both zip up around the whole door frame on their own. We adore this feature since my kids are constantly attempting to toss things out of trailers.

The Outback is the only trailer I’ve examined that completely seals on the front, preventing a youngster from throwing something out. With the mesh door or the rain cover, I utilize the sunscreen that rolls down and links at the bottom.

On hikes, I found the sunscreen to be a lifesaver, although it was easily blown away in strong winds.

The Most Effective Uses of Hamax Outback Trailer

Given the Outback’s high durability and kid-friendliness, I believe it will best fit a family who expects to use it for rides about town on a regular basis.

It’s also an excellent option for parents with a big family since it features one of the most spacious passenger compartments.

This trailer is not a good choice for individuals who want to conquer hills or ride over a lot of difficult terrains on a regular basis due to its high weight.

If you live in a flat region and your children’s comfort is a concern, I’m confident you’ll get a lot of usage out of this sturdy trailer.


  • Widely available, enclosed storage space.
  • Easy to change between the trailer, jogger, stroller, and other modes of transportation
  • Broader and bigger than competitors, works well for children
  • Reclinable seats. 
  • Nicely ventilated


  • Heavier than competitors
  • The interior pockets are on the tiny side. There isn’t much room for food, bottles of water, and other items
  • The buckle is a bit difficult to use for beginners
  • There is no outside storage to store a balancing bike or other items


The rider’s comfort was clearly a priority when the Hamax Outback was designed. One of the trailer’s best advantages is its spacious interior. 

When you combine that with an elegant European style, that is highly pleasing to the eye. You get an all-around fantastic trailer.

The Hamax Outback is constructed to last and delivers a secure, comfortable ride for children. 

Unfortunately, it’s not the most user-friendly trailer, and its weight is a huge drawback, making it difficult to haul, which restricts its usefulness. 

However, the Outback is an ideal trailer for a large group of consumers. 

The Hamax Outback is a multi-functional and large bike trailer that is a dream come true for active parents. It provides maximum utility without sacrificing aesthetics. The Outback is a pleasant, practical vehicle with plenty of safety measures to keep you and your little ones safe.

It prioritizes passenger comfort and safety; the Hamax Outback is my top Pick for a comfortable ride.

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