Puky Balance Bike Review (REAL TEST) We Bought & Used All of Them!

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Are you considering investing in a running bike for your kids? But have any doubts about which running bike to choose? And what size should you choose?

Then I definitely think our guide to Puky running bikes can help you.

If you, like us, are tired of guides written by people who have probably never had a running bike in their hand, or who haven’t even had kids test them, then this post is definitely right for you.

We’ve tested these bikes ourselves, and will give you our honest review and recommendations of these in this exact blog post.

NOTE: This guide is based on our own experiences. The guide is not sponsored or created in collaboration with Puky, but merely made as a “clean” service for those looking for a real test of running bikes.

Puky Running Bike Age Guide

Running Bike



1 – 1,5 years

Puky Medium

1,5 to 2,5 years

Puky Large

From just over 2 years old and up

The above should be taken with a grain of salt, as it is very individual how tall children are at various ages. See the recommendations below for height.

Some children can easily switch to Puky Large a lot earlier than others, This means that depending on the way your child grows, you maybe be able to completely skip the Puky medium, and go directly from Pukylino to Puky large.

One of our testers has a son who is currently 4 years old, and Puky Large still fits him. However, there are other children of the same age who are 10 cm taller, and kids who are this tall may not be able to fit even the Puky Large version and should consider switching.

For larger kids, there is also an XL model. If your child has grown too big for Puky medium or large, and still wants to use a running bike, then I would probably consider looking for a Puky XL.

Puky Løbecykel Størrelsesguide

From our experiences, the guidelines of which Puky bikes fit various size kids are as follows:

Running bike



From approx. 75cm(29,5 inches) to 90cm(35.5 inches)

Puky Medium

Between 75-92 cm (29.5 – 36.2 inches)

Puky Large

Between 92 – 110 cm (36.2 – 43.3 inches)

You can also find official guides for sizing on the Pukys website or other sources, as mentioned this is simply our observation and conclusions.

Puky Medium is a great choice from the beginning, as it fits pretty much the same size kids as the Pukylino which is supposedly made for small children.

With the Puky Medium, chances are you won’t have to change the running bike ever, or only if your kid is growing more rapidly than others.

TIP: In our opinion, it is better to buy a running bike that’s slightly bigger than recommended for your child, rather than buying a small model. Your child will grow rather quickly in these young years, so buying the smallest of the smallest running bikes may result in you having to upgrade way more often.

We hope this blog post helps you pick a proper running bike for your child/children, keep in mind that this is simply our own experiences, but it most likely goes in line with your own observations after testing various running bikes with your own kids.

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