Robomow RX20U Review – We Replaced It After 2 Years

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In this blog post i’m gonna give you my honest opinion and review of the Robomow RX20U robot lawnmower.

I’ll go over my experiences with this machine, and whether or not I would recommend it for others.

Keep in mind that this is purely my own personal opinion and experience, you may or may not experience different results using this product yourself.

Robomow RX20U Review Video


Review of the Robomow RX20U

I’ve had this robomow for more than 2 years, and been using it for 2 summers.

This mower wasn’t very good for my purposes, and there’s a few reasons for that.

First of all this mower is very small, and only has a single blade.

The wheels are very weak, and often this mower gets stuck when it’s rainy outside and the ground is a bit soft.

My yard is very small and that’s why I thought a mower of this size would be fine for me.

Often i came out expecting my lawn to be completely freshly mowed, but it was very uneven, and in some areas it didn’t even look like the grass had been cut.

Another thing this robot mower isn’t great at, is limiting the amount of grass stuck under it.

I often find myself cleaning this mower since a ton of grass gets stuck under and around the blade, which makes it even worse at mowing the lawn.

It seems that when it comes to robot mowers, you really have to put in a substantial amount of money if you want something that can cut your lawn properly all year round.

Would I Recommend the Robomow RX20U?

I had a very bad experience with the Robomow RX20U.

It’s quite simply a very weak robot mower and it fails to cut even my very small lawn.

It’s very low quality in terms of both the blade, but especially also its handling and the quality of the wheels.

I often found myself doing work in terms of making sure it wasn’t stuck, and at this point I might as well just cut the lawn myself, since it would take the same time as fixing this mower all the time.

Maybe this mower is better for something else? I have no idea, I just know that in my own garden it did a very bad job, so I am not going to keep it for much longer.

I think i’ve learned my lesson, and i will look into buying a better robot mower which will probably be a lot more expensive, but will hopefully last a lot longer than the one reviewed in this blog post.

Stay tuned for my possible future review of my new robot mower!

You can also see my review of the mower mentioned in this post in the video above

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