Weber Performer Deluxe Gbs 57 CM Review

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I have had this grill for about 3-4 years now. So I guess I am able to give you an actual review, from actually using the grill.

But a part of life is also buying stuff, and on this website I only review products – that I actually own.

Would I Recommend the Weber Performer Deluxe Gbs 57 CM Charcoal Grill?

If you go for the “little brother” as I recommend, you will also be able to save some money. I could only find the standard version on Amazon, click here

Weber Performer Deluxe Gbs 57 CM Video Review

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Protect you grill, and it’ll last for decade(s)

Tried countless off-brand bowl-type grills, none is getting close to the same quality, if you take care of your grill with a blanket, it’ll last forever.

I have been careless and the winters in Denmark is quite cold, with freezing temperatures. Mine has only started to rust a bit, and I did not buy a blanket, because I know myself enough, and I would never end up using it.

Sure, I paid about, what equals to $750 dollars for a charcoal grill. But the quality holds up – in my mind.

Get a protective blanket on Amazon on Amazon, click here


  • Great build quality. I love WEBER!
  • I use the side-table every time. It’ is the main reason that i upgraded.
  • It is on wheels, my previous version was not.
  • The Deluxe and the Premium has a bin underneath the table, this is nice storage room for grill gear.


  • Rusts without a protective blanket
  • The Gas-burning ignition is useless and you will never use it. It is much
  • Quite expensive

The Gas Ignition Feature of Weber Performer Deluxe

This feature is just outright stupid. It’s a gag, not even a feature. You will never use this in real life, that’s why buying this version with the gas igniter is just a waste of money.

I tried using it several times.

It is slower to get your charcoal ready with this igniter than a “grill starter

It barely work, and it empties the small tank of gas very fast. I needed the fire to burn for about 15 to 30 minutes to get my coal to be selfsubstaining, where as a grill starter is ready after 15 minutes, and requires no gas just some fire starter cubes

To be honest. I am using my charcoal grill less and less these days, as I understand it, charcoal grilling is very bad for the environment.

And somehow, the campaigns against red meat might be starting to work on me, I am not as inclined to eat a juice steak as a few years ago.

The Verdict

Great Quality – Buy the Premium version or the Standard version. This version will save you a lot of money, and take up less space.

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