Why Lightspeed is Better than Bluetooth

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If you are a gamer, there are only two options for you

Either pick a wired device or a Logitech lightspeed device.

Bluetooth is not good enough for gaming.

Let me explain why.

#1 Too slow response time

The response time on light speed is about one millisecond, even faster than some low-end wired mice, headsets, and keyboards.

When you’re a gamer, you want the fastest response time possible.

On the other hand, the fastest response time on the newest Bluetooth version 5.x is about 20 to 40 milliseconds, but in reality, it often goes up to 100 to 200 milliseconds and sometimes the connection lags out.

This is worse if there is a table between your mouse and desktop computer or other interference between the device and the Bluetooth sender.

These are some of the main reasons that people think you cannot game on these wireless devices, and just to be clear the lightspeed is just a name from Logitech. On Razer it’s called Hyperspeed, and I’m sure there’s other names out there from other brands but essentially it’s just another form of wireless connection instead of Bluetooth

#2 Quality of life.

I hate Bluetooth, as I always have to reconnect, pair and unpair it to get my headset working.

Lightspeed just works.

You get a connector and put one of the dongles in your USB-A connection and it just works, without pairing.

The device is paired to this, and there’s no interference between two computers with the same headset.

Lightspeed uses far less battery than Bluetooth, as it doesn’t require pairing or connectivity options.

I don’t even charge my Logitech light speed keyboard once a month, and my mouse lasts for weeks without charging.

The one thing Bluetooth does better than light speed is multi-connectivity.

You cannot put a Lightspeed dongle into your smartphone or other small device.

If you’re a gamer, pick wired or light speed. If you’re not a gamer and just listen to music or watch content online, pick Bluetooth.

In the this post, I will review the best lightspeed headsets from Logitech, and see which one is the best for the price.

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